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What are the top exterior and interior accessories of cars?

In relation to car exterior accessories online for the general public, its main function is to increase the functionality of the vehicle. The most relevant are the following:

  • Bicycle carrier
  • Roof bars or roof racks
  • Door protectors
  • Slide roof chest
  • Trailer hitch
  • Hubcaps
  • Snow chains
  • Body protection covers
  • Column protectors

Sound, multimedia and navigation accessories

The accessories intended to improve the sound equipment of a vehicle is another of the modifications preferred by car lovers and that is usually complemented with the personalization of the body. The most popular sound accessories are as follows:

Car radios . It is the sound system control component that is placed on the instrument panel. These devices allow tuning the radio, listening to different formats of compact discs provided, linking the mobile phone, adjusting the sound parameters, being used as hands-free devices or connecting an external removable storage unit (USB), among other more specific functions .

Speakers . Together with the car radio, the speakers are the other element that is most installed in custom vehicles in order to increase the sound performance. They are divided into separate track speakers and coaxial speakers  and are provided with maximum and real power determined. The separate tracks provide better sound quality, since they reproduce the different frequencies of the sound (bass, medium, treble, etc.) on independent speakers (woofer, medium, subwoofer or tweeter). However, coaxial generally offer lower sound quality but integrate several concrete channels in the same speaker and are the predominant norm for combining bass (woofer) and treble (tweeter) or bass, treble and media ( elliptical or oval speakers).

Amplifiers or power stages . As the name implies, its task is to increase the power of the stereo through the amplification of the signal it receives in order to get the most out of the speakers.

Multimedia systems . In these cases, the car radio is paired to a screen placed where it is most convenient (on the car radio, in the head restraints or on the roof coverings) in which you can view images, videos, perform a GPS navigation or even play certain games . These systems combine the sound performance of a car radio with the visuals offered by a screen.

Other accessories framed in this group are, among others, hands-free devices for talking on mobile phones; the integration of rear cameras or parking sensors; insulation and acoustic improvement products, or specific batteries to power music equipment.


Mechanical accessories

As far as mechanics are concerned, a series of accessories are also available to give a sporty touch to certain elements and available to the general public. The most significant are the following:

Aluminum or magnesium light alloy wheels . Alloy wheel mounting is one of the users preferred options. These tires have a multitude of designs and, thanks to them, there is a better cooling of the brake calipers, which results in a greater effectiveness of this system.

Chrome trim for tailpipes . It is placed at the outlet of the exhaust pipe to beautify the traditional sober exhaust outlet that most series vehicles carry.

Covers . They are sports line linings that can be screwed or glued onto the brake calipers to give this component a more colorful appearance.

Decorative valve caps . They are designed with different shapes, colors and finishes to give a different touch to the tires.

For users more dedicated to the world of tuning, there are accessories that also improve the aesthetics of the vehicle and also improve its behavior and performance. The most prominent are:


The market dedicated to selling car accessories is very wide. These accessories are distinguished according to the purpose for which they have been designed: for more utilitarian purposes, which can be found in automotive stores, and for more aesthetic purposes, which are sold in stores specialized in body customization parts or dedicated exclusively to sound. In any case, it is necessary to know the current regulations on this type of modifications to ensure that the stipulated requirements are met.  Check out TrimsPK for the car exterior accessories online.

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